Best Refrigerator in India

Refrigerators are the Best friends of Summers as they not only helps to keep the food fresh for longer time by reducing the bacterial growth but also provides us pleasure to enjoy the cold drinks and ice-creams.But When we think of Buying a new refrigerator, we get confused and not able to take the right decision.

So Don’t Worry, We at Best Refrigerator Info here to help you to choose the Best Refrigerator in India based on your requirements. It’s quite difficult to discuss this broad topic “Best Refrigerator of India”. As everyone may have their own set of requirements but Price is the most important which governs our decision of choosing a refrigerator for our household. So We have figured out the Best refrigerators in different price segment as mentioned below:

1. Fridge Under 10000 – Refrigerators under 10000 usually comes with a single door design with an average capacity of 90 Ltrs to 200 Ltrs. Different Popular brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool has various models in this price segment as India is a Price Sensitive market. Even Some Mini fridges are available around 10000 INR.

2. Refrigerator Under 20000 – It’s a Budget segment refrigerators where you may expect some double door models with a capacity of over 300 Ltrs which is quite sufficient for a family of 2-3 People but Inverter technology is restricted to single door models in 20000 budget segment. Various Brands offers a warranty of over 10 Years for many fridge models.

3. Refrigerator Under 25000 – If you could increase the budget from 20k to 25k, It will create a lot of difference in the refrigerator features. Here you may expect more than just cooling and food storage. Inverter technology is a common feature when you will find the refrigerator under 25000 Price Segment which makes the refrigerator more power-efficient.

4. Refrigerator Under 30000 – If your budget is around 30k, Then you may expect the spacious and high capacity double door and even bottom freezer refrigerators which are sufficient for a family of 4-5 People. You may expect the capacity of 250 liters to 340 Litres in this Price Segment. Even some Convertible refrigerators are available at this price. You will see some advanced features like Smart Diagnosis, Ag Clean Technology, Zeolite Technology, etc

5. Refrigerators Under 40000 – It’s a premium segment for refrigerators where you will see a premium design with advanced features built-in one fridge. Different French Door & Stylish Double Door Refrigerators come under 40k Price. You may expect a capacity size of over 500 Litres at this Price. People usually buy these refrigerators to fulfill the need of 5-6 People in a family.

6. Refrigerator Around 50000 – This Premium series of refrigerators offer a very huge capacity of 400 to 700 Litres which is amazing for joint families too. Separate ice cube and chilled water dispensers are the major advantages of these refrigerators. Brands Like Panasonic, Samsung, LG offers different models of refrigerators to buy Under 50000 – Double Door, Side By Side, French Door. But Again, As the capacity of the refrigerator goes higher, the space which it takes also increases. So Check it before choosing one for your Kitchen.

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I Know, Various Other factors are also important to help you to buy the Best Refrigerator in India. But As an Indian, I totally understand the value of money. Thatswhy we took the Price factor as the Prime one and you may go to the respective segment to check the latest options of refrigerators to buy in your Budget.