Types of Refrigerators

Do you know, Refrigerator is a serious purchase as you are going to use the same fridge for coming 10-15 Years which is the average age of popular branded refrigerators. As the technology is upgrading day by day, Different Types of Refrigerators arises in the market.

There are different types of Refrigerigerator available in India Today. Even some refrigerators come with a separate icecubes box and even a cold water dispenser. So let’s check the variety of refrigerators now.

1. Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerators are a great choice for those who live in a family of 2-3 People. A single-door fridge usually consists of vegetables and fruit baskets, toughened glass racks to keep the stuff, and a small ice chamber for the formation of ice. They usually don’t have an auto-defrost function which is quite common in other refrigerator types. Our ancestors used to have single-door refrigerators at their homes as they were the first to come into the refrigerator market. They are also suitable for small offices.

2. Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerators are the most widely used refrigerators in India due to their affordability and huge capacity which is quite sufficient for a family size of 4-5 People. The double door has one door to keep the fruits, vegetables, and other stuff and a separate door for the ice chamber. Almost all double door refrigerators come with automatic defrost technology and Inverter Technology to save power and make the operations noise-free. The Only Disadvantage we see in these refrigerators is their low cooling retention especially during power cuts but some brands have solved this issue by adding PUF insulation.

3. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Many Customer-Centric Brands realized after learning their customer behaviour that, We usually use the fridge to store the fruits, Vegetables, food to keep them fresh for a longer time and even use to get the chilled water and drinks. Ice chamber was the least used feature by most of the Indians. So, Brands created a refrigerator with a freezer placed at the bottom so that you don’t have to lie down, again and again, to use it for common purposes. Most of the Bottom freezer refrigerators come with a Convertible Technology by which we can convert the freezer to fridge easily.

4. French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerators look modern and stylish when it comes to visuals due to their multi-door design. French Door refrigerators are usually costly than double door refrigerators but they offer the advantage of huge capacity. The major advantage of buying a french door refrigerator is you need to open the section which is required without disturbing the other sections which not only help in cooling retention but also save electricity. Usually, French Door refrigerators come with a capacity variant of 500 to 650 Ltrs.

5. Side By Side Refrigerator

They are the latest technology and design in the era of refrigerators which offers the two big doors placed side by side. They offer a great capacity. The Advantage of Side By Side Refrigerators over the Double door is their wardrobe design with one compartment being the general cooling/ fresh food compartment and the other being the freezer compartment. They offer better organization of food and other stuff, ease of access, lots of space for freezer, and a more stylish design.

6. Mini Fridge/Refrigerator

As the name suggest, They are small fridge with a capacity of over 120 Ltrs which is enough for the 1-2 People families and even small offices. A New Trend of keeping a compact refrigerator in bedroom also adds up their usage.Even You see these types of refrigerators in Hotel rooms these days.

Choosing the Right Door Style of Refrigerator with the right capacity required is important to use it for a longer period. Refrigerators are the best friend in summers but only when you could take full advantage of them and that is only possible by choosing the ideal door style and capacity for your kitchen and household.